Permanent Services

As a permanent recruiting agency Masterson Recruiting is one of the best at identifying qualified personnel. We can quickly and precisely locate a suitable candidate for a specific job requirement.

We are a contingent search firms we are remunerated only upon the successful completion of the search. Typically when the candidate accepts the position. In any case, the fee is (as always) paid by the hiring company, not the candidate/hire.

Temporary Services

Temporary employees are hired to assist employers to meet business demands yet allow the employer to avoid the cost of hiring a regular employee. Sometimes, it is the expectation of the employer that if the temporary employee is successful, the temporary employee will be hired.

Business purposes include: seasonal customer demand, temporary surges in manufacturing orders, employees on sick or maternity leave, and short-term, clearly defined work such as a census worker.

Temporary employees allow employers help to maintain a cushion of some job security in employment for regular workers. Temporary employees work part or full-time. They rarely receive benefits or the job security afforded regular staff. A temporary assignment can end at any time depending on the employer’s needs. In other ways, temporary employees are often treated like regular employees and attend company meetings and events.

Temporary employees are hired directly by Masterson Recruiting. Please contact us regarding our temporary service we love discovering talent for your success.

Contract/Document Review

Document review is often the most labor-intensive and expensive Stage of the litigation process, the e-discovery process and the EDRM. During this phase, each page of data in a collection is reviewed and analyzed – automatically through technological means and manually through attorneys and paralegals – to determine what documents must be withheld from production to opposing counsel. Often document reviewers are attorneys who understand the legal and factual issues in the litigation and are able to make the necessary judgment calls as to privilege and responsiveness. To minimize cost, teams of contract attorneys and/or paralegals are often employed.

The review process often consists of several stages. The legal team may conduct a first pass review in order to analyze documents for relevance and code or mark them for relevant subject matter. Litigation support personnel then load the coded data into a searchable database that allows litigation teams to easily locate key documents at every phase of the litigation process.

After the information is processed, the legal team conducts a second, more detailed review to determine what documents should be withheld from production. Documents may be withheld for several reasons, including: Relevance, Responsiveness, Privilege and confidentiality.

We can provide you with an attorney with many years of experience or first year attorney’s or non- attorneys to do a first pass review. Providing you with on site or off site Coders is what we do. Discovering talent for your success is what we do.