Candidates should include such things as how they:

  • Focused their team on achieving a common goal
  • Sold their ideas to senior management
  • Integrated processes throughout the organization

The qualities that companies most value are ones that companies seek evidence of in resumes:

Integrity. Someone who understands uncompromising honesty and accountability, especially in the wake of the business scandals of the past few years.

Vision. Someone who challenges traditional ways of doing business, and who demonstrates the ability to think strategically and the strength of character to take on calculated risks.

Magnetism. Someone with the presence to command respect and the ability to motivate others to buy into values, ideas and concepts.

Inner Resources. Someone who trusts his or her instincts and takes the initiative to drive change.

Communication Skills. Someone who has the ability to assess a situation, reacts to it appropriately, and delivers the message in a way that promotes understanding and consensus.